As Seen in Outword Magazine: Prenups and the Self-Made Spouse

By Neil Forester / February 24, 2020 / Premarital / No Comments

Prenups and the Self-Made Spouse The following was originally published in the February 2020 issue of Outword Magazine. I have written before about the many good things that a premarital agreement can accomplish for a soon-to-be-married couple (here and here). They can better define expectations ...

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On Personal Property Division and Russell Crowe’s “Art of Divorce” Auction

By Neil Forester / April 5, 2018 / Divorce / No Comments

Certified Family Law Specialist NEIL FORESTER explains why arguing over Personal Property Division is a non-starter with your divorce lawyer, except when you are Russell Crowe.

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Do Buy/Sell Agreements Help Businesses Survive Divorce?

By Neil Forester / January 15, 2016 / Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

Impacts of Buy/Sell Agreements on Business Valuation for Property Division in Divorce Cases Not too long ago, I wrote about the ins and outs of valuing a community property business in a divorce case, particularly regarding aspects of a business owner’s “good will” – or the expectation that the p...

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Is Your Ex Entitled to Your Business Good Will?

By Neil Forester / November 11, 2015 / Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

Is Your Ex Entitled to Your Business Good Will? When a divorcing couple owns a business, how that business gets divided in the divorce case can raise some questions. If one of the two runs the business and intends to continue running it after the divorce, the court will be faced with the task of ...

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Bright Line or Blurred Lines? “Date of Separation” Ruling Creates Uncertainty for California Spouses

Emerging Questions for Separated Spouses Living in Same Household The California Supreme Court’s decision last week in the Marriage of Davis [PDF] creates a “bright line” rule for what has long been a gray area of family law: determining the date of separation. The length of the marriage – and wh...

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A Primer on Financial Considerations During Divorce

By FPS / May 17, 2015 / Divorce, Family Law, Resources / No Comments

Reprinted with permission from the ABA Family Advocate: The sheer thought of going through a divorce may cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion. Swirling questions concerning how the process will impact your children, yourself, and your future can become all consuming. If you have childre...

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Why hire a Certified Family Law Specialist to handle your Sacramento divorce or child custody matters?

By FPS / April 26, 2015 / Children, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News, Premarital / No Comments

Family lawyers do not get the respect they deserve. In terms of the potential breadth and complexity of issues which they face, family practitioners work in one of the most, and perhaps the most, exacting and demanding areas of concentration in the law. Under California’s community property...

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