Client Testimonials

Grandparents Navigating Guardianship of Grandchildren

Matt Purcell is, in a word, amazing. When we first met, we were grandparents trying to navigate through Probate court to keep guardianship of our grandchildren. Matt was wonderful at addressing everyone’s needs, extremely communicative and articulate in court, and aware of exactly what we needed to do. He’s also very endearing due to his kind nature. We would heartily recommend Matt to anyone, especially where children’s well being is involved.  (Gail L. – May, 2018)


Understanding of a mom with a special needs child.

My first experience with meeting Michelle was at a FEAT talk on collaborative divorce. It was a difficult time, and the worst decision I have had to make. After walking out of that meeting I felt a great deal of relief, my search for an attorney was over. It was clear from that moment on she was amazing. She put up with so many of those, “I think I am loosing my mind” moments. I am so grateful to her and for that FEAT meeting. She handles herself with great professionalism and even better is extremely brilliant. She is so compassionate and understanding of a mom with a special needs child. I cannot say enough about how great she is. If you find yourself in this situation you want her on your side. Also, a quick note about the staff they are unbelievably wonderful and kind.  (Patti M. – May 17, 2017)

Smart, Strategic, Ethical, Supportive.

I researched extensively to find a lawyer who was not only smart (Neil was an Anthony M. Kennedy Fellow) but also unwilling to take anything but the high road. I also wanted an attorney who would listen to my concerns, complaints, and even demands, but still keep me on the high road as well. In spite of many personal attacks on me and even on Neil by my ex-husband and his lawyer, Neil continued to focus on issues and avoid the low ground that so many divorce cases and custody cases can travel. In my case, I had an ex who after not paying his full child support for six years and owing over $40,000, decided to take me to court to dispute the arrears and get more custody. Yes, that sounds ridiculous and that is exactly the right word to explain the proceedings that took 6 months due to my ex continually making claims and filings that prolonged the inevitable. Throughout the entire 6 months there were many times I was ready to either throw in the towel, or go for the jugular. In each case Neil clearly laid out the correct course of action and stuck to it. Not only did he keep me on the right track, Neil kept himself on the moral high ground. My ex and his attorney resulted to personal attacks on Neil in their court filings, but Neil refused to respond and stayed on point. I believe his approach saved me from getting into an even longer battle of he said/she said. He was fair in his billing, honest in his approach with me and my ex, and clearly experienced with the courts and family law. I highly recommend Neil!! (Larisa – October 25, 2016)

She keeps her eye on the ball as far as settlement as well as costs.

From our first meeting I felt totally comfortable and confident in Michelle. I felt I not only had a good attorney, but a friend on my side. She was candid in her thoughts and helped me make some difficult decisions. Any time I felt stressed out, she took the time to calm me and steer me in the right direction.  She was confident and knowledgeable throughout the process.  She keeps her eye on the ball as far as settlement as well as costs. (Debi M. – July 30, 2016)

Uncomplicated and effortless

Michelle Stowell is an amazing and compassionate family law attorney. Going through the process of a child custody case is overwhelming and upsetting but Michelle always takes that feeling away. She guides you through the process in an uncomplicated and effortless way, which always makes me feel comfortable about the decisions I made as well as the outcome in court. She is an absolute miracle worker in her office and in court. She is exceptionally organized, detail orientated and is available when you need her. (Crystal V. – January 23, 2016)

He always guided me to do what was right by the kids.

Matt has been my attorney for many years. I am a single father and have primary custody of my children due to him. He is very knowledgeable and always there for you. His experience and demeanor in dealing with different Judges is what truly sets him apart. I have a manipulative, high conflict, unreasonable ex spouse. When things got bad, he always guided me to do what was right by the kids. Looking back, I’m glad he is in my corner. One of the top lawyers around. Highly recommend! (Confidential Client – September 9, 2015)

They made a very difficult time more bearable with their compassion.

Neil and his team were amazing helping me through my divorce proceedings this year! He and his staff were professional, kind, patient and supportive throughout the process. They made a very difficult time more bearable with their compassion, attention to detail and responsiveness. I was always able to get a hold of someone via phone or email and they were more than happy to answer all my questions along the way. I would recommend them to anyone. These guys are awesome and they were worth every cent! (Client Annie – August 20, 2015)

Competence, professionalism, and integrity.

Matt has represented me with competency, professionalism, and integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt and his staff. I have referred friends to his office. Matt’s representation of me was always done with keeping in mind what was in my and my children’s best long-term interests. Matt is probably one of the few attorneys who recognizes that and kept that foremost in his representation of me. Additionally, I appreciated that he sometimes had me approve letters before they were sent to opposing counsel so that my relationship with my children’s mother was not impacted by an attorney’s otherwise potentially hyperbolic language. That’s competence, professionalism, and integrity. Matt, his paralegal Dorinda, and all of his staff exhibit those traits. Additionally, Matt and his staff recognized and understood the stress I experienced in going through a dissolution and their professionalism and kindness helped make a difficult situation more manageable. (Client Ross – September 4, 2015)

He’s very calm mannered, reasonable and tries to discuss the risks and benefits of different options.

I have enjoyed working with Neil. I had a very difficult divorce case and my wife’s attorney did everything possible to fuel the flames. Neil was able to help me resolve many custody and support issues in a collaborative fashion to minimize the costs and obtain a quick resolution. I have a lot of respect for Neil and his office staff – Dorinda his paralegal as well as Kalli. I appreciate Neil’s approach — he’s very calm mannered, reasonable and tries to discuss the risks and benefits of different options. At the same time he is realistic and is very efficient overall in getting back to you. Overall I highly recommend him as an attorney.  (Client Steven – August 19, 2015)

Consistently communicated with me…

Matt has been my rock through my legal separation. My case was complicated and involved several hearings for the court to determine whether California had jurisdiction over my request for a legal separation. Matt was able to successfully defend my request for a legal separation in California, which ultimately resulted in a stay of the out of state action and resolution of all issues in my case. Matt and his staff consistently communicated with me to make sure that I understood through every step of the process. And if I had questions, I was always able to speak with someone about my case and get answers whenever I reached out to his office. Matt and his staff, Dorinda and Kalli, were professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable throughout this process. Matt was also cognizant of costs and attempted to resolve the issues in my case without the need for court intervention at first. When he was faced with obstreperous conduct by my ex, he immediately responded assertively and prevented all of my ex’s impractical positions. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate or better representation. I would highly recommend him! (Client Belinda – November 19, 2015)