FORESTER PURCELL STOWELL attorneys and support professionals take a caring yet pragmatic approach to sharing their insight and experience throughout a client’s journey.


Neil M. E. Forester, CFLS

Certified Family Law Specialist, Husband, Pet-Parent, WEAVE Board Prez, Grillmaster, Boxer Rescue Advocate


Matthew K. Purcell, CFLS

Certified Family Law Specialist, Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Fantasy Footballer, Sunscreen Aficionado, Fore!

image of Michelle L. Stowell on attorney team page

Michelle L. Stowell, CFLS

Certified Family Law Specialist, Mom to Twins, Special Needs Child Advocate, FEAT Board, Spin Class Junky, Mediator


Melissa J. Harman, Family Law Attorney

Melissa J. Harman

Senior Attorney
Puzzle Enthusiast, Mother of Hounds, Garden Club, Star Wars Nerd, Sacramento Native, #shoesarelife

Keeley L. Nickelson

Dog-Mom, Adventurer, Craft Brew Enthusiast, Sportsaholic #GivePeasAChance



image of Kristen L. Sellers on FPS attorney team page

Kristen L. Sellers


New Mom, Wine Sipper, Country Music Enthusiast, Bravoholic, Cinephile, #GoAgs


CFLS = Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization