Do GPS Trackers Have a Place in Family Law Cases?

By Jenny Bain / January 23, 2016 / Children, Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

GPS trackers should be used for a defined and narrow task, having a legitimate purpose. Parties to a family law case often need certain evidence to substantiate their claims regarding child custody, spousal support, or even the disposition of certain property. For example, they may need proof that a spouse is lying about where they take the children during […]

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Do Buy/Sell Agreements Help Businesses Survive Divorce?

By Neil Forester / January 15, 2016 / Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

Impacts of Buy/Sell Agreements on Business Valuation for Property Division in Divorce Cases Not too long ago, I wrote about the ins and outs of valuing a community property business in a divorce case, particularly regarding aspects of a business owner’s “good will” – or the expectation that the public will continue to patronize the business […]

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Child Custody Myth: Kids get to choose after turning twelve.

By Matt Purcell / January 8, 2016 / Children, Divorce / No Comments

Truth: A child cannot make a determination about custody. But they will be heard.     One of the questions I receive most frequently when consulting with parents is: “At what age can my child decide who she wants to live with?” Followed by: “I was told that at the age of twelve she can […]

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