Say What? Imputation of Income Explained

By Neil Forester / August 23, 2015 / Children, Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

Paying Child/Spousal Support: Will Your Income Be Imputed? One of the most frequent questions I get from potential new clients is “Will I (or my spouse) ever have to go find a job?” The answer to that question is not always a straight forward yes or no. The California Family Code establishes the ground rules […]

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Special Needs Child Support and the Special Needs Trust Option

By Jenny Bain / August 16, 2015 / Children, Divorce / No Comments

A Primer on the Special Needs Trust Option for Divorcing Parents of Special Needs Children Divorcing parents of a special needs child are often focused on then-existing issues presented by the dissolution process: current child custody and support arrangements. However, while parents are likely mindful of the ongoing financial obligations of a special needs child, […]

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